TPF TALKS: documenting migration in photography

  • Bella Okuya
  • Shilonite Simon
  • Sadie Gains

TPF TALKS is a platform that amplifies under-represented voices to encourage the next generation of photographers and creatives to be part of the conversation, build their networks, and create space for themselves in the industry. Each month, we will amplify the voice of a different under-represented group and have: - a talk from photographers focusing on representation - sharing their work and journey into photography - a chance to speak to current & past trainees about the Foundation Programme and register your interest in the programme - drinks & table-tennis, because why not! As August is a month associated with carnival, we will use this event to celebrate migration. We are delighted to have Rehan Jamil speaking at this talk. Rehan is a photographer & filmmaker who began his photographic career taking photographs for a local newspaper, The East End Enterprise. In 2007, he completed a decade long project called ‘The East End of Islam’ which documented the Muslim Community in Tower Hamlets and their lives around the East London Mosque. Since then, community and migration have been core themes in his work. Our events are aimed at 18-25 year old's living in London from an underrepresented background. We will have social distancing & covid precautions in place for all our in-person events. Event photography by Myles Reid.


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