TPF TALKS with Pierro Pozella

  • Shilonite Simon-Mathurin
  • Shea-Anne Shaw
  • Isis Boundy
  • Sadie Gains

For this talk, we were delighted to have Pierro Pozella speaking at this event. Pierro is a photographer & the founder of PPP Repairs, an analogue camera repairs service. Pierro started repairing cameras at the age of 15, working on some of the trickiest cameras from Yashica T4's, to Canon AE-1's - Pierro is driven by giving cameras a new lease of life. During the talk, Pierro shared his journey into setting up his own photography business, as well as sharing technical tips on how to keep film photography alive & ways to check and look after your gear. He will also delved into the best kit to get you started on your analogue journey.