TPF TALKS - Women in photography

  • Daniel Housley
  • chantel king
  • Holly Falconer
  • Sadie Gains
  • Bella Okuya

TPF TALKS is a platform that amplifies under-represented voices to encourage the next generation of photographers and creatives to be part of the conversation, build their networks, and create space for themselves in the industry. Each month, we amplify the voice of a different under-represented group and have: - talks from photographers focusing on representation - sharing their work and journey into photography - interactive workshops & a tour of our studio - a chance to speak to current and past trainees about the Foundation Programme and register your interest in the programme - drinks and table-tennis, because why not! We want this to be a space for young people to ask questions, network, and support each other to grow in the industry. This event is aimed at 18-25 year old's living in London from an underrepresented background. Event photography by Amara Bokhari.