Tracy Doyle — Portfolio Website Design

  • Shirley Wang

A new portfolio website was designed for Tracy Doyle, a Canadian-born, 
New York-based Creative Director, storyteller, and brand consultant. Tracy primarily works with luxury and fashion brands and has worked with numerous prestigious clients such as CHANEL, MaxMara, Theory, Tiffany & Co., and Gucci. The portfolio site was designed to showcase her projects in an engaging way whilst also communicate the bold, classic, and refined style of her work through the considered selection of typefaces and colours. The website was chosen as one of Semplice's Best Portfolios of 2020, as well as Site of the Week soon after launching. PROJECT TYPE Web Design / UI & UX Design CREDITS Creative Director: Tracy Doyle Designer: Shirley Wang

Semplice — Best Portfolios of 2020

The Client wanted her homepage to be bold and typographic. We aligned the type on the right, contrary the normal left-alignment, to illustrate her original, innovative, and individualistic approach to storytelling.
We chose Saol Display for the display typeface to further communicate her pioneering creative approach. Saol is a "polished and intelligent reconsideration of late 19th-century themes." Full of character, the high contrast in Saol's line weights give it a Didot-like luxurious feel, whilst the sharp, beak-like serifs and extensions of diagonal strokes beyond normal boundaries (as seen in the letters A, M, W, k and y) are enigmatic and unconventional.
Tracy wanted her homepage to be bold and typographic. The homepage was turned into the navigation for her projects categorised by brand. Tracy has an extensive project list. To keep the homepage clean, individual projects are hidden in an accordion menu, which are shown upon clicking on the brand. We aligned the type on the right, contradicting normal left-alignment to symbolise her original, innovative approach to storytelling.
A gallery page was designed to give visitors a visual sense of Tracy's entire body of work.
The website was chosen as once of Semplice's Best Portfolios of 2020, as well as Site of the Week after launching.
The portfolio was also featured multiple times on design blog The DESK by Tobias van Schneider.