• Vika Marszalek

Content created for print and digital for the Scandinavian design company.

&Tradition is a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. 
At the company I have had an internship in Graphic Design. During the time spent there, I was working with designing and executing materials for in-house, sales and promotion. I have joined the company just before they started implementing new visual identity created by agency All the way to Paris. 
Advent Competition promo.
A promo GIF designed to inform about the 50th anniversary of designing by Verner Pantone Flowerpot lamp and promote ‘Advent Competition’ during which every week you could win a different lamp in the chosen color.
Left: Gift card.   Right: Gift card at breakfast for press (fot. Filip Aurebekk)
Sneak Peek
GIF designed for so-me to show a ‘sneak peek’ preview of new products launched at Cologne Fair.
Website: http://andtradition.com