Trapped Sounds

"Trapped Sounds" is a conceptual sound performance, by Khaled Kaddal, that aims to examine the relationship (conflict) between the individual and the collective intelligence, manifested in the mass-produced noises observed in our surroundings.
The culminating social behavior regarding modern society as we know and participate in it, has inevitably led to an impact on human individuality. The intrinsic alienation of the modern individual from his inner self has not only developed into social isolation but into other forms as well.
We spend the majority of our time so immersed in our materialistic existence, taking in unwanted outwardly distractions and distortions (noises) that cut us from the truth of being, and proposing necessary existential questions.

Thus, this project attempts to contrast these dichotomies (internal versus external, the individual versus the society etc...) that ultimately represent the dissonance of our existence in relation to sounds emitted by the human body.

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Khaled Kaddal

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