Travel footage India and Thailand mash up - Just for fun

The world needs your joy!
Travelling is the best way you can spend your money & the feeling of shared joy will make you feel richer than any possession ever could.
We were seated next to the Thai men on a train for 4 hours, we couldn't converse with language but shared an even better conversation through laughter and gestures. They were drinking some kind of strong spirits & pointing at things out the window while explaining who knows what; they even brought us corn on the cob at one point. We played them Beyonce & Missy Elliott on my headphones.
The carriage especially assigned to practising Buddhist Monks began at the seat directly behind them & was packed with chill monks in orange robes. Pretty sure they wanted to join in on the bOIZzz TRip we'd gate crashed TBH.
The Indian man dancing randomly started dancing at me when we were sitting on the side of the road waiting for a bus; we'd had one of those shit days in India when you wait for like 10 hours to catch a train and when it came we got on with our big travel backpacks and it was so incredibly over loaded! We were all squashed between people in different parts of the carriage and only just managed to all squeeze out as the horn was tooting right before it left (they keep selling tickets even if there's no space on the train lolz) we then had to figure out how to get to the next destination;as you can imagine we were all hot and bothered irritated and people were trying to rip us off and we just weren't in the mood. The dancing dude totally made our day!
There's a couple of shots from when we ended up in a Bollywood movie; they found us on the street and for the 2 hour journey to the studio we weren't sure if we were getting kidnapped (only one way to find out right) we didn't end up getting kidnapped which was good, and even got paid 500 rupees (NZD$12.50)
The street band invited me to wander with them when I was on my way back to my motel from lunch with a random traveller I'd met, it was an excellent detour.

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