Tree Snug

The Idea

Our lives are increasingly becoming more pressurised and stressful through commitments, work and family. For my A-Level project I wanted to create a personal space where the user can relax, unwind and be with their own thoughts in comfort.

Sources of Inspiration

Visiting the CASS Sculpture Foundation in West Sussex gave me a lot of inspiration for my project. CASS is a non profit organisation home to a constantly evolving display of sculptures set in 24 acres of woodland. Taking photos to analyse shapes, forms, material and functions helped me when ideating my final design.


Exploring non related products and forms were of great insight when sketching and prototyping concepts. Structures that resembled a nest I took great interest in both physically and theoretically.
To help me visualise my concepts I used a variety of materials including garden and chicken wire, string, plastic and fabrics. This helped me to realise what design is best for the user, the experience and what type of material would best suit.


With my concepts developing I wanted to know the limitations of working with willow to conclude if its the best choice of material. During my half term I went on a living willow chair workshop held at the Weald and Downland Museum.
Under the guidance and knowledge of our tutors I learnt the differences and benefits between freshly coppiced, soaked and dried willow, weaving techniques, the tools required, best sources to purchase the willow, approximate quantity needed for my project and much more.

The Final Outcome

The Tree Snug can be hung anywhere desired from inside a home to an outside open space. The willow is woven through the mild steel frame creating the 'nest'. To access the snug you have choice of going through the hatch at the base or through the open sides. Any choice of furnishing for the snug makes the space feel more personal to the user allowing for more effective relaxation. The welded mild steel frame is protected with hammerite and the willow is of the highest quality meaning for the long lasting of the snug. 
I learnt so many creative skills when completing my project not just in the workshop. The snug is very much enjoyed at home and put to great use by my family and friends.


Venetia Manuel

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