• Lois Bridges
  • Premdeep Kular

TSPTR is a fashion brand that stands for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition, and uses stories to communicate their brand message and values. As part of a collaborative project, we were briefed with the task to create, publish and exhibit a print brand zine with the aim of connecting with younger female consumers. As a nod to the pioneering feminist zines previously made to empower women, we created the Meme Zine in response to the growing ‘f*ckboy’ culture. Picking up on specific Gen Z social references, the Meme Zine is a collection of illustrated memes  that take a no-nonsense take on modern dating. Alongside the zine is a ‘Trent Bible’ which includes the seven deadly signs you’re dating a Nottingham Trent f*ckboy.