Tube Tales - What is your Tube Tale?

  • susheel basra

Personal project of mine, recording my tales on the tube from the commute into work or travelling around London. Knowing how to behave inside the tube and the pet peeves we all have i started to create short comics. Since covid and the rule of masks i have started to sketch portraits of people with their masks on. Noticing that many strange and creative masks were making their rounds through the underground it became another great project to add to 'Tube Tales. I have turned the sketches into two books. First is the 'Tube Tales' and the Second is the 'Underground Portraits'. It would be great to produce this into copies and share with all so any advice on making this happen please feel free to get into contact on how this can happen. More importantly IF YOU HAVE ANY FUNNY / AWKWARD STORIES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE it would be great to produce a comic and share with everyone... ! Follow more of my stories is on