Project Brief: [set by creative advertising company Lucky Generals]

To invent a new carbonated drink, to name it and brand it.

Target market: 45-60 year olds that are in full time work, have a family and like to socialise.


Twist. A lightly carbonated soft drink that puts health at the forefront of the product. All the ingredients are organic and contain properties that make them natural mood boosters.

Born from research was the flavour: Mango and Green Tea lemonade with a twist of Lime. This vibrant combination is not only tasty but also scientifically proven to make your body happy.

Twist products are available in two sizes. 500ml to be had on your own and 1.5L to be shared, and brought out at dinner parties.

The Twist brand promises to keep it simple, using familiar ingredient, ensuring all consumers are left feeling good.
In the design process I developed the Twist logo through the idea of wanting to make people twist the bottle. I think its simplicity is entertaining and works well on a supermarket shelf, enticing the buyer to engage with the bottle.

The colours on the bottle are inspired by a project done by Raw Colour called Solids & Strokes. I decided to identify my ingredients through block colours. I feel the final outcome works well and can be applied to a variety of flavours.

When designing the ingredients label I wanted it to be as simple and user friendly as possible. Firstly, I wanted to increase the point size of the text and, secondly, I wanted to strip back the amount of information to just what is needed. As well as a simple ingredients list, it also mentions a benefit and fact about the drinks contents, and how drinking this carbonated drink shouldn’t make you feel guilty!

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Hannah Neville

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    University of Southampton

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      Lucky Generals


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