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    Living in a city frozen in time, its denizens gnarled from actually freezing, these casters of type trained their eyes to see those things forgotten. Digging in crates, walking rail lines, climbing fire escapes, hoping to find the next lost memory that jaded eyes glanced over or outright avoided. At a certain point, their city thawed, and buildings fell to booming dynamite and wrecking balls. With them went the memories they’d sheltered, lost forever to those who never bothered to look. But not to BLKBK.

    A taste for the lost is a taste for the found. And that can turn an environment in near-dead stasis into a foundry for style. With that style, BLKBK is the foundry for type.

    Every piece of writing is comprised of sentences, comprised of words, comprised of letters. BLKBK aims to provide letters that impart meaning before they even form words. Inspired by hand-painted signs, hip-hop, ‘70s vinyl art, and ‘80s VHS sleeves, each hand-crafted BLKBK type evokes meaning the second you lay eyes on it, while exuding a style that spans half a century.

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