Part of my FMP for my MA studies, I had to promote both courses: Graphic Design and Design, Innovation & Brand Management. I though of creating two mediums through which I could promote the MA courses.

The first medium is the physical one, a booklet that can potentially be delivered to graduates who show an interest in the courses and/or are considering studying at UCA. Because of the constraints of keeping within the brand guidelines, I didn't have much say on the layout, which made the project easier, in a way, but somehow a bit more ordinary and less exciting than I would've liked, but this comes with adhering to the brand guidelines, imposed by the marketing team. I tried approaching the subject more from a student's point of view, and less from that of a marketing team. I included chapters such as: funding options and accommodation, to appeal to the actual worries when deciding to study a masters degree. I've also explained both classes, by adding their curriculum and expectations.

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Alma Linek
Graphic Designer