Undivided Manifesto - Copy

Living in a post Brexit era. Much emphasised, much highlighted has been the conflict, the contention, the division it has caused us as a Nation, whether it be political opinions or social stances. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the disagreements that have overflown from the referendum and lose focus on the most important issue moving forward: the negotiation. It is crucial for our country to navigate the process and negotiate the best deal possible for us as a nation. We must move forward as a nation.
A nation undivided.
However we will not ignore a voice of the people that has much been overlooked by the political body: the voice of the youth. In fact we are going to embrace it. This is who we are. What we are. Your voice, our voice; must be heard in arguably the most politically significant process in several generations.
We must help decide our future and cannot let it be decided for us.
We are part of the nation and will not be divided from it, for us to move forward together, the voice of young people must be counted, and it’s our sole purpose and priority to ensure that is does.
This is a campaign made by young people for young people. We are young. We are undivided.
Young people are often misunderstood, our demands ignored and our views over simplified.
We are Y.O.U.N.G:
This is who were are, what we stand for and what we want.
Y: (We are) Youthful
0: (We are) Opinionated
U: (We are) Undivided
N: (We want to) Negotiate
G: (a) Good deal (for young people)
Although we may have different opinions, we are undivided in our objective and undivided in our voice. We have to be. For our voice to be heard, it must be in unison. Negotiating the best deal is what brings to us together. An objective that unifies the multitudes because it is what we are all fighting for. Fighting with the entire nation.
Our voice must be heard. Our voice will be heard. We are young. We are Undivided.

Team Credits

Richie Babalola

  • Compulsive Storyteller // Creative Strategist


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Richie Babalola
Compulsive Storyteller // Creative Strategist