Union Hand-Roasted

    Always with quality and warmth
    We created a completely new identity for Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, to reflect the outstanding quality of their speciality, direct-trade coffee.
    We evolved the brand through clever use of materials, textures and typography while retaining some key brand heritage. We also introduced a market-changing way of objectively grading your coffee experience.
    From pack to pot, we designed a consistent brand journey, expressing Union’s discerning yet welcoming values.

    ”Feedback on our new branding has been universally excellent, and sales are in 40% growth just a few months into the launch of our new packaging.”

    Kerttu Inkeroinen
 Head of Marketing, Union Hand-Roasted

    “The element I like most is the ‘U’ with a coffee cup handle – it’s cute, smart, and still looks like it means business.”

    Armin Vit Under Consideration
    The brand in action
    We retained the rich indigo colour of the previous brand identity, but used it more sparingly. A rich copper colour adds distinction to natural kraft packaging, through foil-blocking and a reusable metal clip. Alongside this a set of stamp devices communicate the Union brand values, and the company’s own standards of direct trade with farmers are identified with a ‘Union Direct Trade’ symbol.
    We worked with food photographer Steven Joyce to create a set of images for trade and consumer ads, increasing the sense of a quality product by placing it in an inviting environment. It was important to start putting the customer in the picture too, by showing the finished product in an appropriate lifestyle setting.
    Rolling the brand out
    The brand has now been fully embraced by all Union’s suppliers, meaning an incredible degree of consistency when applied across signage and uniform. The level of detail is what really makes the difference – like their handbuilt coffee machine, complete with copper and wood detailing, all true to the new brand.

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