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Writing Task 1 – Fruit salad
If you were a fruit in a fruit salad, which fruit would you be and why?
I would be a ‘Lemon’ in a fruit salad, not because I will get old, bitter and sometimes twisted but for many other beneficial reasons. Like a lemon I am something that brings out the best in things, simply by adding me before during or after the process. I will generally remain calmed and reserved until the time is right for me to give my input and set the ball rolling, particularly on a process such as idea generation or development. In terms of personality I have many social qualities which enables me to work well in groups and liaise with people, especially clients. Also with these social skills in the workplace having the right set of communication skills is key particularly for networking as this allows for greater improvement, both in work and personally. Lemons are commonly used to help aid in digestion so this goes hand in hand with the fact that I am easy going and easy to get along with. With that being said I do however love pushing the boundaries and being provocative as that is where I feel most creative and effective. Let’s face it if lemons designed and created technology such as phones and computers, they would probably be the best in the world. But I’m sure the apple and the blackberry would slightly disagree, and there would be turmoil in the fruit salad if I were to steal some of their market share and decrease the apple profits pre Irish tax.

Writing Task 2- Create a blog post. The blog post will extol the benefits of: liver, Brussels sprouts, escargot, horse meat, aubergines
You should assume that the client is someone who has a vested interest in wanting people to buy these foods but the reader won’t know it. Do not include any information that can result in an accusation of false claims.
Blog Post -
Are you just like me and keep thinking how and what do I eat to improve my health and maintain a balanced healthy diet?
For me that has now changed because of five key food types which I have now introduced to my diet.
First up on the menu is Liver, which is a food that I personally never actually eaten before- until now. The reason I now include this in my diet is because of its very high source of Vitamin B-12. This is a vitamin that is great for the body because it contributes to the creation of red blood cells and turns acids into protein building acids. The same can’t be said for the human liver, meat rich in beer and vodka just won’t make the supermarket shelf I’m afraid people.
Now this one is my favourite and it’s simply because of its reputation as a slightly ugly and very smelly vegetable. Yes, you guessed it, the famous Brussel Sprout. Now I’m sure there are a few people out there like myself who do enjoy a Brussel sprout or two, so they are the lucky ones. If you are looking for some food that will contribute towards a weight loss program then look no further because the Brussel sprout is your way out! 100g of these bad boys contains just 45 calories and zero cholesterol, not to mention its source of protein and fibre. But let’s not make the haters too mad shall we.
Moving onto my next food type which is a traditional French appetizer that contain virtually no sugar, no fat and no carbohydrates. The Escargot ladies and gentlemen. Better known as the snail has been hiding its goodness under its shell for far too long. It is so good in fact that it is believed to be a trusted mood enhancement because of a chemical called tryptophan, which helps your brain produce serotonin. Remember kids, don’t do drugs. Take slugs!
Horse meat. Yes, straight to the point. Horse meat is very low in fat, 2 to 5% in fact. Rich in Iron and contain many high-quality proteins. Now we all know the reasoning behind not eating horse meat, since horses are intelligent animals. But this is what makes the meat so rich in its nutritional values. The longer and healthier life the horse has, the better the meat becomes.
Ok let’s bring it back down a little from that last one. The magnificent Aubergine! The reason for its big introduction is because by day it’s a fruit (A berry to be exact, for all my berry fanatics out there) and by night a vegetable. Crazy stuff I know. It’s full of vitamins, fibre, minerals and has the potential to lower cholesterol. At this rate, I might have to throw in some high cholesterol foods to regain some balance.
Writing Task 3 – Epitaph
Write epitaphs for, Peter Pan and your Dentist

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