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More and more people are looking at indecent pictures online of boys and girls younger than the age of 18, that may not look there age. This was aimed at 18-24 year olds that have not yet offended.
At the moment the world seems to be fucked in terms of pollution and some people don’t even believe it’s a thing.
Yes everyone doing their bit to help reduce pollution, but we think a big oil company like Shell for example should start taking responsibility. We know what you’re thinking, Shell! There couldn’t be a worse choice for a cause like this, as it is literally them that is fuelling a lot of this pollution. However we think Shell is a perfect choice with fuel stations on every continent it has the opportunity to make the biggest difference in the most polluted and troubled places. By sharing its billions Shell could make the world a better place.
Shell could do this by adopting a town, village or area surrounding the fuel stations in the countries with the worst air pollution figures. Shell would then fix up and turn the areas into self sustaining “green towns” where the changes would make the pollution levels dramatically drop. This would no only have a positive impact on nature and the planet, but also that human aspect, these areas would be changed and be lovely places to live making their everyday lives more enjoyable.
This new venture would use a slightly changed version of the existing Shell logo replacing the red with green to represent the intentions and commitment f the company.

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Poppy Kilby-Tyre
Creative copywriter