V&A museum Alice in Wonderland exhibition digital ad design

  • Anna Goldfinch

Student project. The hypothetical brief was to produce a digital ad for the Victoria and Albert Museum's recent Alice in Wonderland exhibition in London. And to attract younger (under 30s) visitors to this paid event as well to the museum as a whole. I took inspiration from elements and lines from the book: '(Drink Me'/'Eat Me') and the themes of temptation, curiosity and following your desires. I thought creating a spoof ad of an iconic food or drink brand (Cadbury's/Coca Cola, etc) would work well to incorporate these themes in an eye-catching, youthful and familiar way...the idea is to make you do a double take and say 'Hang on! That's not what I thought it was. What is it then?'. It's unapologetic cheekiness that moves away from the V&A's usual ad aesthetic would hopefully bring in a slightly younger crowd, looking for something different from the conventional. On a more commercial note, I also thought it would work well with cross brand advertising, both promoting the museum and the drinks brand!