• Catarina Bernardi
  • Paul Fossett (@eigermusicandart)
  • Cecilia Righini
  • Gabriela Dittrichova

"Vagina-nomics is a biannual magazine for a fierce feminist who is curious about female pleasure. The magazine destigmatizes topics such as women's health, gender equality, female empowerment and the act of sex through art and design. Instead of shaming the reader, it nurtures creativity and an interest in a tabooed subject." See more at:

In this first edition, I was responsible for the cover and the illustration of the article Pornland. For the first piece, the objective was to communicate the intentions of the magazine: a platform to create a community of people united in the common interested of destigmatizing taboos around female sexuality. The illustration pays reference to the Three Graces, but focusing on the bond of these three women and portraying realistic body shapes.
The article Pornland talks about how porn affects one's view of sex and how it's supposed to be. I aimed at portraying (exaggerating) the unrealistic approach porn has towards sex and how one who has been too exposed to it might reproduce that "fantasy" in real life - or at least create expectations.
The following illustration came as a bonus for an unpublished article about women in the creative industry and how unfair it is. It discusses the fact that women make up the most part of art universities, but that doesn't reflect on the high positions in the market - and even less in the salaries.

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