Version Zero - Memories Video

I've noticed from a young age, that I'm drawn to visual content creation. Weather it's about drawings, paintings, images or videos, for me the best way of communication is showing what I mean, rather than just saying it.
I've always had the desire to learn how to use Premiere Pro, and I had something to say about memories that I wanted to express. I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring the two together and make it into a project.
At the early stages of the idea, I started to prepare by recording random moments throughout the day for about two months.
I looked through my footages and wrote the copy for the video. Throughout the process I realized that I could use old videos I recorded in the past. The video took two weeks to edit.
I posted the final version on Facebook to show my friends, and the response was more overwhelming than expected. This video became the most liked and commented post ever in my feed. (just because I haven't got engaged or pregnant :D)

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Sylvia Szekely

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