Visual 2022

  • Rebecca Hann

This is a project that I have been working on in my MA. It is nowhere near finished but I wanted to share the progress I have made so far. Here I will add where I am up too and add the test I have made to get to this part

This is a slightly updated one from the below video, I have still not added sound as I would like to try finish the whole piece of work before adding the sounds I want to complete this project.
Here is a story about a person who is dealing with their axiety issues and is trying out the visualisation tecgnique that was mentiuoned to them in therpay. At first they work well, but then one day the visualisations start to come alive in animation and take over into real life, the more they panic the worse it gets.
Part of their comforting mechanism including a blanket on thier bed starts to move and a animated wave comes over it.

to be continued
for more information please go to my padlet and look at micro project 3