Vivinha a Saltar!

The Museum of Bordalo Pinheiro held an exbihition called "Vivinha a saltar!" in Lisbon. The aim of the exhibition was to show the "varina" (portuguese women that carried and sold the sardines or other fishes in baskets) in the artwork of the portuguese artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. During the XIX century, Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro painted and manufactured several art pieces mostly in ceramics. One of the most charismatic pieces is the sardine. In order to reinvent Bordalo's concept, there was a call for artists to illustrate the sardine in different approaches. The result was a very insightful and colourful exbihition. The design and production of the graphic materials were at my responsability. I had also to do the external communication and to manage the social media regarding the exhibition.

Team Credits

Marta Morgado

  • Message
  • Graphic Designer

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  • ceramics
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