Walk This Wild World

  • Sam Brewster

Walk this Wild World celebrates the wondrous diversity of animal and plant life around the globe. Travel to a new habitat and continent with every turn of the page with stunning artwork by award-winning Sam Brewster. See polar bears in the Arctic tundra; elephants in the Serengeti grasslands; bobcats in the Sonoran desert; gorillas in the Congo jungle; and much more. Lift-flaps throughout this high quality format makes it a perfect gift book for all young animal-lovers, while nuggets of information on the underside of the flaps provide a gentle educational content. Written by: Kate Baker Hardback: 24 pages, hardback card with flaps Age Range: 5-8 years Publisher: Templar Imprint: Big Picture Press Release Date: 18th May 2017 Size: 310 x 215 x 20 mm

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