Way-finding for Dementia Patients

For this project I worked with three other Graphic Designers. We were given the challenge to create a way finding system for care home patients with dementia.

This was a four-day project with four other Graphic Design students. For this project we had to think about how we could, as designers, create a system that would help patients with dementia find their way around the care home garden alone.
By focusing on the garden we aimed to give patients the confidence to go outside on their own with the reassurance that they won’t get lost. We decided to use plants and flowers, focusing on their smell, colour and purpose, as a way to help them navigate the garden.
We researched the plants and flowers we put into the garden, for example we put blueberries in as they have been proven to help memory and reduce anxiety. Also, we shaped the garden as a circle because it has been proven that dementia sufferers find it easier to navigate a circle. Next, we decided to put landmarks – such as a phone box - in the garden to stimulate the patient’s memories. We then created a model of the garden to represent our idea.

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Stephanie Marsh

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  • Student at The Arts University Bournemouth

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