We Create. We believe An Augmented Reality Book for Vodafone & Random House

Every year, Vodafone gives a book to some selected clients as a gift.
In 2013, the book was called "We create. We believe." (Creamos. Creemos). A compilation of interviews where the most talented Spaniards talk about their path and their passion for the well-done job.
The client wanted to use the Augmented Reality to connect the audience with the activities of the personalities of the book.

We looked for an interactive content to experience that inspiring jobs, involving them in:
· Exploring a mutated gene.
· Playing the final of 2010 Football World Cup.
· Discovering sculptures around the world.
· Cutting the finest jamón.
· Finding out the names of companies done by a professional namer.
· Customizing the illumination of one of the best known buildings in Spain. (kursaal)
· Dissecting a heart.


xavier Sole

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  • Creative Director / Visual Artist