What is a way the skin helps to maintain homeostasis?

  • maya justin

An old saying ‘what you eat is what you are’ goes perfectly with the quality of your skin because what you eat ultimately reflects on your skin. The diet you take provides essential nutrients to your body, which uses them for repairing damaged tissues, build new cells, mend collagen levels, produce enzymes, protein buildup for strong bones, etc. Following a healthy diet with balanced nutrition is your key to have glowing skin naturally. Include as much fruits, vegetables, fiber, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, etc. With less saturated fat in your diet. Berries are considered as the best food to have here as they are the powerhouse of antioxidants that work excellently for aging skin. Do you find yourself asking the question ‘how to maintain clear face’ quite often? Then here is the answer: keep your skin hydrated as much as possible from inside as well as from outside. One of the basic functions of our skin is to detox our body through the process of sweating, thus it becomes important to drink a lot of water for preventing the chances of acne and have clear blemish free skin. However, sipping on your favorite beverage like tea, coffee, soda, etc. will not be counted under hydration, as these things can never give the same result that water can give. Instead excess of caffeinated beverages and other junk food items will leave your skin more dehydrated rather than hydrating it. Your skin releases toxins everyday which lead to excessive secretion of oil by skin glands, which are also the prime reason for most of your skin related problems. Regular exercising and maintaining a cleaning, toning, moisturizing routine will help in stimulating blood circulation not only on your face but throughout your body. Also sweating during exercising results in open pores, which cause unnecessary breakouts, thus it is crucial for your skin and body to take shower after exercise and wash your face with a good quality face cleanser that compliments your skin type to get glowing skin. http://ipsnews.net/business/2022/07/25/essence-of-argan-reviews-prevents-aging-know-how/