What's a non-binary?

  • Leanne Spencer

This is a short piece I wrote and shared previously on Self Taught's Wattpad page as well as Linkedin in order to share the discourse as far as possible. It is important that in this age of fighting for rights long since denied, we come to accept and acknowledge every sort of person that has suffered the slings and arrows of colonization's thought-puddle.

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Okay, so imagine you're having a dream. And in the dream, you and a friend are going to a coffee place. You're really nervous on the way there, and you don't know why, but that's normal... for a dream. Anyway, you get there and you order, and then your friend orders and then you get a table, and they bring the drinks over and you're pretty sure you've got the right drink, until a barista asks you if you want extra milk in your coffee so you look down, ya know, to check,  and you realise that all you have are unground coffee beans.
they could be coffee they are the basic necessities needed to make coffee but what you have, are in fact, beans. So you try to explain it to the waiter, ya know, about your beans, and he gets really mad because he thinks you're trying to insult him, and his milk, and his job of delivering milk, cause your friend took the milk just fine, so you must just be being difficult. So you lift up your meagre palmful, like look, man, see? All I have are unground coffee beans no amount of milk will turn this into coffee! But now the barista is yelling at you, and your friend looks embarrassed, and the other customers in the shop are staring at you because they think you're making a scene over nothing over nonsense over a damned cup of coffee. And that's when you realise that they can't see the beans that they think they see a cup of coffee in your hand where none exists because that's what they think hands are for and they would see it-- that same cup of coffee-- even if all that was left of you was a severed hand full of beans.

Non-binary can be defined as:
Identifying as either having a gender which is in-between or beyond the two categories 'man' and 'woman, as fluctuating between 'man' and woman', or as having no gender, either permanently or some of the time. [1]

[1] Scottish Trans Alliance, Including Non-binary People: Guidance for Service Providers and Employers [last accessed 24/08/2017]

Illustrated by: Alison Czinkota / Verywell

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