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When We Were 10 Final Exhibition Prints

When We Were 10
The Brief
To celebrate Jelly’s 10th birthday, we asked our talented illustrators, directors & animation collectives to each submit a piece of work that embodied our theme “When We Were 10.”
We wanted our artists to interpret this in their own way. Perhaps they wanted to take inspiration from their childhood; what they wanted to be when they grew up, who they admired at the time, what their favourite hobby was. Or perhaps, it could be about the “here & now” - now that Jelly is 10.
With such an open brief & variety of styles, we wanted the work to feel consistent. We requested the print work to be submitted in 3 colours only.
We then selected 10 prints & 10 animations to display this evening.

We’re delighted to present our Jelly artists…
When they, we, & you were 10.

We hope you enjoy!
Jelly London

“Thinking about the brief, I wanted to represent where I am with my work this year & how I wish to progress. This piece shows where I want to push it in terms of experimenting with bringing more photography into my pieces.”

“This is a celebration of Jelly's milestone. I guess you could say that it represents a decade of providing creativity in the heart of London - that's how I'm looking at it anyway.”

We Biked to Find Witch Houses
“I grew up in a hilly suburbia and spent most of my time outside of school on my bike. When we were 10, all the kids in my school took a cycling proficiency test which meant we could be *trusted* to go further afield and escape the repetitive housing estates. My friends & I would explore the surrounding countryside to find witch houses and secret underground WW2 bunkers. It was the best time ever.”

Planet X
“As a 10 year old, I was fascinated with anything to do with space and science fiction. I would read old science fiction comic books and watch every sic-fi VHS I could get my hands on, while hoping that one day I could go to these places or find my own planet X. Unfortunately, I am yet to reach the outer limits of space or find any new planets, but that time in my life has greatly influenced my work and thinking process today.”

“This is my Nucleus. The central and most important part of me. What made me who I am today.

Thinking about the brief, I realised that I’m not too different from when I was 10 years old. My basis, my core, my childhood, didn’t fade away. It is in fact, very much alive in me. I still create my own worlds; not by spending hours with my toys imagining things, but through illustration.”

Balancing Act
“An illustration to represent me now, showing the precariousness of trying to balance interests, personal life, work, and everything in between.”

If I Were a Carpenter
“At the age of 10, I was very interested in becoming a carpenter and working with wood, which was the inspiration behind the sculpted lettering. At that age, my Grandad whittled me a catapult from a tree which features as the Y, and brings the piece to life.”

Reading a Book, Listening to Queen

The Dragon
“I was obsessed with Bruce Lee as a kid. Before I got into music & skateboarding, Bruce Lee & drawing was my world! So, it just seemed fitting for me to do a drawing of Bruce Lee for this!”

When I Was 10
“To celebrate Jelly’s milestone, I found some old drawings in my family home from when I was 10 years old and used them to inspire my illustration. The uncovered stash included a “My Ferrari and Computer Plant” magazine cover. Surprisingly, my imagined publication never took off, despite being reasonably priced and *stocked at Halfords & Mothercare!*”

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