Why Do You Want to Join Cyber Security Internship?

  • Sophia Jones
Cyber Security Internship Program, cyber security Internship for Freshers

Internships in general are a great way to prepare oneself for a real-job environment. A cyber security internship program will give you practical experience in the field, regardless of your career stage, whether you're pursuing graduation or already completed. Internships are a fantastic method to obtain the experience you'll need to land your first cybersecurity job. Hence, it is without a second guess that one should join a cyber security internship program.

Cybersecurity internships are short-term and can be paid or unpaid. They are made to help you gain experience in your industry. The career counseling office at your college is the greatest location to start your search for an internship because they have a lot of connections and can assist you in networking to locate an internship in your field.

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Why Consider a cyber security internship program?

Students can gain several advantages from cybersecurity internships that they cannot obtain by merely reading or listening to lectures in a classroom. Students can exercise the skills and techniques they have learned in the classroom in real-world settings by participating in internships. There is no substitute for hands-on experience since several studies have demonstrated that learning through practical, hands-on experiences leads to improved understanding and longer retention of what is taught.

Cyber security Internship for Freshers

The following are the best cyber security internship for freshers as well professionals who are seeking job transmission.
Cyber Forensics Internship program by Cybersafe:

Cybersafe offers advanced CTO/CISO level IT security consulting services to businesses of all sizes. The chosen candidate for the cyber security internship program will be responsible for finding new systems and networks that are susceptible to cyber-attacks, tearing down and rebuilding damaged systems to recover lost data, writing technical reports, writing declarations and trial preparation documents, and advising LEAs on the reliability of collected data.

Internship in Information Security & Ethical Hacking by 4 IR
The chosen candidate will be expected to learn about new vulnerabilities that have recently been reported, do VAPT on active projects, and write reports of the analysis. The internship will last for six months, and if it is completed successfully, the organization will extend a job offer to the individual.

Ethical Hacking Internship at ShieldByte Infosec
A cyber security internship program here will give interns exposure to the following areas as they get to work  on the following responsibilities:
  • Threat modeling
  • Architectural analysis,
  • Logical security assessment,
  • Monitoring third-party APIs, SDKs, and libraries,
  • Generating assessment reports,
  • Reviewing false positives and true positives,
  • Analyzing reports from an interactive source
  • Code review  for false positives and making its report

Software Testing Internship at ArtSpot India
ArtSpot India is a cybersecurity and design firm with offices in Dubai. Interns at this company for a cyber security internship will get exposure to Working on functional testing for websites and mobile apps, OWASP testing, and Burp Suite. The internship usually lasts for three months, and the necessary abilities include  JavaScript, PHP, ethical hacking, and C++ programming.

Cyber security Internship by HackerEarth
Individuals in this cyber security internship program will be allotted numerous roles and responsibilities. The duties of the interns include developing cybersecurity-related problems based on client specifications, setting up the challenge's infrastructure or backend, creating all necessary resources, and conducting research into potential cybersecurity areas that could be put to the test in a challenge.

Core Cyber Security  Internship at TeleNetworks Technologies
RealNetworks Technologies offers this cyber security internship program exclusively for students of the EXTC, Comps, and IT branches. The roles and duties allotted to interns in this program include: Troubleshooting with live networks of Cisco Routers & Switches in technologies like BGP, OSPF, Data Policing, IP multicasting, VPLS, DMVPN, IPv6, telecom training in radio frequency, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Advanced, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH), EMF (NARDA Tool), and others will be part of the duties of the chosen candidate.

Cyber security Internship at Innover Systems
Interns in this program get exposure to performing the following roles: Performing threat modeling, architectural analysis, evaluating logical security, monitoring third-party APIs, and SDK, generating assessment reports, reviewing false positives and true positives, and analyzing reports from an interactive source code review tool for false positives and including it in the report.

Executive Security Trainee Internship at SevenMentor Pvt Ltd.
Candidates who get into this cyber security internship program will be expected to fulfill the following duties: understanding concepts, analyzing primary logs, and network concepts, dealing with customer calls, helping the security analyst with day-to-day tasks like preparing reports and analyzing security traffic, performing testing on Android and iOS based mobile applications, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and other similar tasks.

Cyber Security Architect at JRD Systems
Interns in this program get to design, build and implement enterprise-class security systems for a production environment. The internship duties also include: alignment of  Standard frameworks, securing of the overall business and technology strategy, Identification and communication of emerging security threats will need to be identified and communicated, and designing of security architecture elements to mitigate risks as they arise.

Choosing the ideal internship might be difficult as there are a plethora of options available. The key to finding the most ideal cyber security internship for freshers is to know the program details that companies are offering, and whether they are in alignment with the skills and courses you have undertaken. Cyber security Internship programs are without a doubt the best way for your entry into the field aside from education and training.