Why I Launched A Self-Love Platform Called 'Winning And Worthy'​.

  • Tajinder Kaur

Hands up if you’ve battled with insecurities. Trust me you’re not alone. I went through it too. Growing up I was worried about body image, speaking up, self-promotion, and trying to fit in. Speaking to friends, peers, and colleagues I realised women struggle with confidence in one or more areas of their life. I knew I wanted to change this reality and that sparked the birth of Winning and Worthy. A self-love platform to challenge the narrative of low self-esteem and help women tap into their greatness through coaching, creativity, and cultivating self-awareness. A national report found 7 in 10 girls believe they’re not good enough. I was curious why so many women doubted their abilities, despite achieving amazing things in their life. I started reading articles on the confidence gap by The Atlantic and Forbes. It explained women felt less self-assured and underestimated their value than their male counterparts. They were less likely to put themselves forward for opportunities that could impact their career, interests, or life. Luckily, confidence is a daily practice and can be increased with practical steps. Let’s raise our self-love and get the bag! Who feels like their effort and work will do the talking for them? If you find yourself saying yes, I want you to dismiss that notion immediately. You can’t expect a top CEO or your favourite brand to stumble onto your page. You have to make noise, show up for yourself, get your personal brand, work, or business mentioned in the right circles. Being humble doesn’t serve you, if you did something, it deserves to be celebrated and shared. A quote I live by is you create your own opportunities. This mindset led me to be a part of Curvy Kate’s bikini confidence campaign, getting myself a mentor and kick-starting my business. When I thought about what I could offer women I realised I had overcome a lot (from grief to panic attacks), became a certified coach, and worked on both sides of influencer marketing. I had the wisdom to share that could uplift and help another woman’s journey. Whether it’s how to speak about your strengths with authority, how to overcome fears that are holding you back, or taking strategic action to get you closer to your goals. I want this platform to be an uplifting space where you can find guidance, advice, and a community of supportive, like-minded women. It’s time for you to be intentional, take ownership, and show up for yourself. Rename the next chapter of life to Winning, Worthy Woman because that’s who you are! Follow @winningandworthy on Instagram for confidence tips and find out more on the website winningandworthy.com.