Why Money Heist Is So Phenomenal ?

  • Shifra Appiah

La Casa De Papel Ever watched a T.V Show and cried when a character died or felt lost when the show ended, well that's because we spend more time with TV Characters than we do with family/friends. Money Heist is the show to do just that to you, and I'm laying it down to the fact that Alex Piño took the time to develop each and every character to the point where each and every one of them have become our best friends. Who would have ever thought they would actually like a character such as Berlin, he's written to be the worst of the worst, but it's pretty hard to hate him when he makes the type of decisions that will result in a happy ending. Despite, how cut throat he is, and how extreme he can get, he still does what everyone else needs him to do. And even though we're made to believe Tokyo is the main character, shes not written for us to love her, infact, she's really annoying but she reacts the way we expect her too, she's that predictable character that you wish could prove you wrong. I could go on and on about each character, y'all about how addictive Denver's laugh is, but Money Heist as a whole is written so well, every episode connects like a musical and has you feeling a rollercoaster of emotions, so if you haven't watched Money Heist, what are you doing ?