Wij zeggen medelander

When a refugee has safely reached his/her destination they don’t have to run anymore, right? They are not a refugee anymore and they try to rebuild their lifes as normal people. Let there already exist a word that suits the situation many times better en sounds much more humane.
‘co lander - someone from abroad who lives with the native population’
We developed a Chrome extension that changes all the negative names in the word co lander. Texts, media and good initiatives sound in this way much more equal. On www.wijzeggenmedelander.nl you can download the extension, so you to can experience how much positivity this change will bring.
Created by: Melanie Schaap | www.melanieschaap.com ,
Felicia Spans | www.cargocollective.com/Feliciaspans
& Mendy Bosch


Melanie Schaap

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