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Wild Chairs London

The inspiration behind this project of mine? Design, manufacturing techniques, sculptural art, found art – and humour. And my objective, to document as many of London's disregarded chairs as possible. I’m interested in the individual design elements – the manufacturing techniques of each chair – but, really, it’s the journey of the chair that's most enticing. This is where the recording and captioning of the chair is most enjoyable. When pictured out of context (away from the domestic stage they were designed for), the chairs become something else. It’s really easy to add a humanity and humour to them – like you find in modern art galleries showing out-of-place objects. The captions become really important, then, to blur the gap between art and our lives. As much as I'm interested in the individual design elements of a chair, I'm interested in the journey it has been on, the scars it has and the visible attempts at ad-hoc repair (or not). What’s it doing here now? I also just find them really funny. You see more than you would have thought, and you very rarely see the same design twice!

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