Winner: New Designers/Creative Conscience Environmental Award 2021

The Green Reset: An urban air filtration system that utilises public infrastructure and moss to improve air quality within towns and cities, by Dominic Bondicov In the last ten years, I have noticed that our climate has started to change. While questioning why, I have investigated that we are polluting our atmosphere with 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases every year, and yet we are investing so many resources into renewable energy and carbon capture tech without any effect. I decided to research moss because I remember seeing a YouTube video a couple of years ago where moss was tested as a pollution and CO2 collector. During my research, I went through numerous papers covering this topic and gained valuable insight. Since I am especially interested in additive manufacturing and organic design, I blended all of it into my design, using the Voronoi design pattern to create the structures and maximizing the moss surface coverage. The significance of my project is that it is a natural solution using moss as a filtering agent. The system covers the full life-cycle of moss. It has an air quality measuring network with a self-learning AI to detect the source of the pollution. The system will distribute data in live feed to the mobile app, info panels, and the website. More information about my project can be found below: At the BCU Inspired portfolio: Instagram: LinkedIn: