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    Wish You Were Here?

    Published on Nov 12, 2014

    The short film Wish You Were Here?, produced by Lobo, is an off-kilter tribute to D&AD, reintreprating, reimagining and mashing up highlights from over five decades of award winning advertising.

    Wish You Were Here? is an invitation and a challenge for professionals to try and make their work a part of this history.

    Here's what Lobo say about the film,

    "We didn’t want to simply create a collage of pieces in a “retrospective reel” fashion. Our goal was to offer a creative reinterpretation of the Awards’ heritage, scrambling the material into something completely new and at the same time reminiscent of the original ads. Therefore not a single reference can be found in its original form: our idea was to swap techniques, characters and narratives between the pieces, all the while keeping a coherent visual identity throughout, since D&AD is notorious for its strong brand integrity."

    Lobo won its first D&AD Yellow Pencil in 2011 for the Cartoon Network promo “Toy Soldier” – the first time a Latin American design & animation studio won this coveted design advertising award.

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