Work Sensible: RSA Student Awards 2018 Commendation

  • Adrianna Bilas
  • Kasey Ledger
RSA Student Awards 2018 Entry Shortlisted for the Design Award & Commended for the Best Business Case: Working Well brief.
Work Sensible is a service design solution offering advice and recommendations of alternative time organisation at work through workshops and a toolkit, whose purpose is to analyse work structure, in order to develop a solution tailored for the particular business.
The main focus is to create a healthy and productive environment at work. We know that employees well-being is paramount to any successful business! The idea is aiming to improve office workers work balance.
We discovered that standardised 8 hour working days don’t work for modern businesses. This way of working became popular during the industrial revolution but today it is not always the most efficient way of working. The project was created in collaboration with Kasey Ledger.
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