• Rossella Damiani

Campaign for the genderless Korean fashion brand Kein Pionier. It focuses on the everyday aspect, producing home-wear, one-mile wear, and underwear items. The 2021 collection "WORK, WORK, WALK" removes the boundaries between the home and the workplace, proposing a new paradigm look for everyone.

Creative Director: Soohyun Cho @ss_s_ss_ss__ Photographer: Rossella Damiani @rosselladmn Photographer assistant: Klaudija Michelevičiūtė @k.michelev Model: Barnie Preece @barniedgp_ , Mallaidh Kielthy @mxllaidh Videographer: Hoyeon Shin @_honhoff Hairstylist: Grace Tame @gracetame_ Mua: Soda Eiyn Choi @soda_mua