Wraps Of India

Wraps of India was a challenge to brand a form of ‘sandwiches, wraps & rolls’. I decided to brand a vegetarian wrap company that focuses on some flavours and dishes of India. I accomplished this by researching key vegetarian flavours but mainly Indian flavours and spices. Through my research I discovered a range of facts and information about vegetarians and Indian food. For example, ‘vegetarianism has traditionally been linked to the people of ancient India. Even today Indians make up more than 70% of the world’s vegetarian population’ This is what inspired me to focus my wraps on Indian flavours because there is clearly a wide market. I then looked at popular dishes to inspire my fillings of the wraps. For example: Pumpkin, butterbean & Spinach curry.

In terms of design I wanted to keep the packaging quite rustic but really focus on colours of India. I used digital work and print making with various materials (including lentils) to really portray an indian style that can still be seen as modern.

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Daisy Miller

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