X-Ray Sneakers

  • Emily Power
  • Francesco Girone
  • Chloe Dislaire
  • Chloe Jagger
  • Emily Power

With more than 3 million shoppers searching for a pair of sneakers online every month, we decided to investigate what lies beneath some of the world’s most wanted styles.

This year’s hottest sneakers feature space age construction, a mix of fashion and athletic elements, intricate logos, textured sole shapes and stand out silhouettes. From the $100 Nike Vapormax to the $1000 Louis Vuitton Archlight, what lies beneath the complex construction and fabrication of these much lusted-after shoes?
To find out we collaborated with British artist and photographer Hugh Turvey to x-ray some of this year's most hyped sneaker styles. Toeing the line between photography and radiology, Turvey’s images use x-ray technology to create what he calls xograms, a fusion of visible light and x-ray imagery.
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