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In recent years, following an improvement in people’s material level as well as the frequent occurrence of modern diseases, people have started to pay greater attention to physical health issues and problems. Thus, it is not difficult to see that the entirety of society is surrounded by a hot trend of health care from all kinds of health programs with high ratings on TV. Indeed, health care products in full range on the market and health care tips taught by people on all kinds of media platforms. However, one must ask is this all true? We have chosen to focus on a project about future health care to satirise the superstition of the today’s society, which has less social information intake and relatively one-sided understanding of some new things. Moreover, it can also be said that in today’s world, people pay too much attention to health problems and have lost the ability to decipher between right and wrong. Finally, we plan to showcase our Yangsheng factory project in the way of virtual exhibition. We have arranged the five therapies into five booths plus a Yangsheng factory vending machine. At the same time, we have also designed posters, small cards and brochures based on the illustrations. In order to add some fun, we used clay to make five kinds of props for the five kinds of therapies: the skull that had its hairstyle blown to wild-curl up due to the excessive voltage (Electrotherapy), the flying eyeball that is scared off by the fire (Fire Therapy), the butt full of blood and pinholes as a result of multiple injections (Juice Injection), a red and swollen hand due to many times of urine infusion (Urine therapy), and the arm full of blisters after too much contact with garlic (Garlic Bath). We eventually created a strange and ridiculous atmosphere in the health factory.

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