Zine: Come In This Light

Based on the lyrics of the titular song by From Indian Lakes, Come In This Light was a FdA brief to produce a zine - a cheaply reproducible booklet - based on my interpretation of the word 'light' and what it meant to me personally.
Having not long been diagnosed, I chose to explore my relationship with chronic depression. Throughout my life, there have been periods where I couldn't see the light for the trees. This felt like something I could explore visually alongside FIL's incredibly emotive lyrics.
I was inspired by FIL frontman Joey Vannucci's approach to songwriting - taking a negative emotional experience in your life and turning it into something beautiful that others can appreciate and relate to. As such, I utilised two of my favourite analogue mediums; film photography and silk-screen printing.
Using photography captured on a trip to the Forest of Dean, I arranged the images to tell a subtle story - travelling into the depths of the forest and the campfire reduced to smoke. Each photograph was developed by hand in the dark room and transferred onto a silk screen - a process intimately involving light from start to finish.
The zine was then printed with black ink on newsprint - a delicate medium reflecting the fragility of the subject matter. Slight errors in the printing process didn't matter to me - I felt that they added to the awareness of the printed medium; readers would hold in their hands something delicate and tactile, physical and analogous.

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Robin Pringle

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Robin Pringle
Graphic Designer