1. 10 Common Myths About Logo Designing Industry
  2. #DataScience gets thrown around a lot, but what is Data Science and Analytics?
  3. (New Queer Magazine!) Do you know any bi (bisexual, pansexual, ace, poly, queer) artists, photographers, writers, or shouters?
  4. 19 Years Middle East experience in the Events & MICE Industry. Looking for professionals to partner with, Florist, Joinery, Event Designer
  5. [COLLAB] Looking for an illustrator/photographer to work on a website project to raise awareness against smartphones at parties/concerts.
  6. 3D Visualiser looking to expand client base.
  7. .//Looking for remote work opportunities//.//3D Motion+Design//.
  8. @LevileTV are looking for the next wave of aspiring, passionate, fun to work with Journalists/Bloggers.
  9. .//Available for 3D Design+Motion remote freelance >> check my folio//.
  10. **MA student** VERY interested in foreign policy! ( especially) Any tips on where to start? And how to progress?
  11. (NOT) fashion illustration
  12. 18-25 and from an underrepresented group? Register for our next free 10-week course! Click for more details.
  13. [RESOLVED] Hey, looking for a photoshop image retoucher to edit 20 images (freelance). Any takers?
  14. *JOHANNESBURG* - We're looking for a local, experienced female photographer in J'burg- Exciting project capturing local girls in the city
  15. *JOHANNESBURG* We're looking for an experienced & connected local female PRODUCER. J'burg local + connection to the City important
  16. *JOHANNESBURG* We're looking for a local female researcher to help us in J'burg from Feb 9th