1. anyone need a storyboard artist
  2. Anyone got any suggestions on how to get started on UX design? Course / Videos to look at?
  3. Any tips on free/cheap online marketing/tech resources? I've found good intro courses with General Assembly + Futurelearn
  4. Any advice on places in London to get some work done in a nice creative/inspiring environment?
  5. Any one looking for a freelance photographer?, Willing to work for any rate let me know
  6. Anyone writing any articles on Mental Health Awareness Week or May events & culture roundups? ❤️
  7. anyone know of any in house or remote retouching work next week? 15yrs experience from ecom to high end :)
  8. Anyone looking for a temporary personal assistant over the summer ?
  9. Anyone looking for a summer creative intern? (Art, graphic design, fashion or a mixture of all three)
  10. Anyone have images that scream confidence but are also gender-neutral that we can use for our workshop flyer?
  11. Any MUA's, fashion designers or photographers open to collaborate on a tfp basis?
  12. Anyone know production companies looking for non-rep. Directors? Thanks in advance. A.
  13. Are you looking for film or video production services in India?
  14. Any projects available for remote collaboration?
  15. Are you looking for documentary filming in India?
  16. Any Fashion Stylists or Creative Directors looking for a personal assistant? I'm a student looking to gain more industry experience!
  17. Anyone looking for a freelance creative designer? Let me knowX
  18. Any brands looking for a freelance art-director let me know!
  19. Anyone know somebody with good knowledge of Japanese mythology and tales? I'm looking to have a chat about a project I'm working on. Thanks!
  20. Are there any Advertising or Marketing Agencies looking for Illustration or Animation. We have a wide range of styles and mediums available.
  21. Anyone looking for a freelance Art Director let me know!
  22. Anyone looking for a new position as Senior Product Designer? We're hiring! (We don't sponsor)
  23. Any commenets/feedback on my kickstarter project? :) It's 100% eco-friendly, vegan, sustainable footwear :)
  24. Any UX/ UI designers who are willing to teach young people design skills for one evening a week for a couple of hours?