1. Anyone looking for a freelance writer?
  2. Anyone know of a cheap space or studio for video filming?? VERY URGENT!
  3. Are you looking for a creative space? There’s a desk available at my studio in East London. Suitable for Graphic Designers, Art Directors...
  4. Are the "42courses" courses well-regarded by companies?
  5. Anyone need vector illustrator?
  6. Anyone looking for a junior graphic designer/graphic design intern in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Manchester and Glasgow?
  7. anyone looking for new employees/interns within the creative field, I’m available to work asap
  8. Anyone can suggest a good Digital Marketing Course? Face to Face learning preferred and in London. Thanks!
  9. Anyone available Wednesday Nov 6th to shoot a drone video in central London?
  10. Anyone looking for a junior graphic designer freelancer ?
  11. Are there any photographers/videographers/models in London looking to collaborate? upcoming shoot with a makeup brand
  12. Anyone looking for a copywriter? I'm building my portfolio and offering my writing services for free.
  13. Anyone Looking for a Freelance Senior Creative or Art Director drop me an email
  14. Anyone know of any branding agencies looking for interns?
  15. Art Director looking for models and stylists to collaborate with on test shoots. Please give me a shout if you would be interested.
  16. Anyone interested in sport and graphic design? Have a look at this if so:
  17. Are there any designers that are up for lending some items for my shoot for COY magazine this Sunday?
  18. Anyone looking for a personal assistant?
  19. Anyone know any place looking for Graphic design internships with a possible placement afterwards?
  20. Anyone looking for an assistant curator/curator for an art gallery around london?
  21. Any firms looking for/hiring an Architect Part 1 Assistant for 2019/2020?
  22. Any copywriters out there interested in working on a naming project for an intriguing client? Starting next week.
  23. Anyone know of any directors and/or cinematographers who wouldn't mind me shadowing/assisting ?
  24. Anyone know of any good natural light studios around London? Preferably Shoreditch area or somewhere close by! Thanks