1. Are there any photographers/videographers/models in London looking to collaborate? upcoming shoot with a makeup brand
  2. Anyone looking for a copywriter? I'm building my portfolio and offering my writing services for free.
  3. Anyone Looking for a Freelance Senior Creative or Art Director drop me an email
  4. Anyone know of any branding agencies looking for interns?
  5. Art Director looking for models and stylists to collaborate with on test shoots. Please give me a shout if you would be interested.
  6. Anyone interested in sport and graphic design? Have a look at this if so:
  7. Are there any designers that are up for lending some items for my shoot for COY magazine this Sunday?
  8. Anyone looking for a personal assistant?
  9. Anyone know any place looking for Graphic design internships with a possible placement afterwards?
  10. Any firms looking for/hiring an Architect Part 1 Assistant for 2019/2020?
  11. Any copywriters out there interested in working on a naming project for an intriguing client? Starting next week.
  12. Anyone know of any directors and/or cinematographers who wouldn't mind me shadowing/assisting ?
  13. Anyone know of any good natural light studios around London? Preferably Shoreditch area or somewhere close by! Thanks
  14. Any emerging fashion designers need support in the areas of PR, marketing, or consulting but haven't got much of a budget? Get in touch.
  15. Anyone know of any zines looking for contributors? Either illustration or photography.
  16. Actually, any flexible freelance motion graphic designers available to work on both small and big projects? To start immediately!
  17. Anyone aspiring to be in the film industry?
  18. Art Director looking for make-up artists and hair stylists to collaborate with on test shoots. Please give me a shout if you are interested
  19. Anybody in need of some Male Models for projects? I have boys available to book for paid jobs & collaborative test. Get in touch! x
  20. Are there any designers who want to collab on a really cool shoot?
  21. Anyone looking for a creative / art director ? currently in on the market for work
  22. Anyone involved in fashion editorials?
  23. Anyone know of any folklore/dark arts looking for contributors? Either illustration or zine area
  24. Any models out there looking to collaborate?I am a photographer that prefers shooting on film - can send over work if interested! Lets shoot