1. Anyone need a website? I've been building websites for five years and would be happy to help. Feel free to contact me
  2. Anyone know of any directors that list creative directors or casting directors?
  3. Any Stylists would like to have a team of fashion minions working beside you?
  4. Any creative directors want to join a collective agency?
  5. Anyone know of free/cheap photography studios in London?
  6. Any short film projects in need of a director with a good understanding of acting, casting and art direction?
  7. Anyone have advice for trying to get a new job, but always getting to the same stage in the application process and not advancing?
  8. Any stylist, models and MUA available for collaborations? I’m a fashion photographer and I’m planning a shooting the 2 of December.
  9. Any studio in London that is looking for a part-time intern? I’m a graphic design student looking for opportunities to grow my portfolio.
  10. anyone know of a London or Paris based agent for video artists?
  11. Any creative/designer who's working on a brand that needs strategy work at the moment?
  12. Anyone looking for a part-time Media/Marketing Assistant? I'm currently looking for a position for 2 days a week (4 including weekends).
  13. anyone around to take a look at my graphic design folio?
  14. Are there any copywriters here? I need some advice please.
  16. Anyone looking to increase engagement on Instagram/Facebook using augmented reality filters?
  17. Any tips for writing a cover letter in the creative field (graphic design to be more specific).
  18. Agency owners and leaders looking to see whats going on on the other side of the pond?
  19. Are you looking for support with employability delivery on your course?
  20. Anyone know where I could find photography assistant roles based in London? (Ideally freelance/part time) Thanks!
  21. Anyone know a good animator to create an intro for youtube videos? Hit me up!
  22. Any creatives down for a collab in Amsterdam? (16/12/19-19/12/19) #fashion #editorial #artdirection
  23. Anyone know a great print company in London? Preferably one that can print on finished garments.
  24. Any starting stylists/fashion designers or other creatives looking to collaborate on projects/expand their portfolio?