1. Any good indoor locations for fashion photography in London?
  2. Anyone in the music sector who needs a graphic designer?
  3. Advice on how to get quality marketing experience anyone?
  4. Anyone know any brands looking for freelance writers?
  5. Anyone have a lead with editorial submissions with i-D or Fucking Young? It's for a fashion editorial inspired by drag culture + east london
  6. ANYONE UP FOR A MARKETING MASTERCLASS IN LONDON? (Suitable for business owners, startups or those interested in a career in marketing)
  7. Anyone know any fashion freelance writing positions going?
  8. Any photography assistant jobs?
  9. Anyone looking for assistant photographer/videographer in West Midlands? London?
  10. Anyone has to offer photography/videography INTERNSHIP for a second- year student??
  11. Anyone know any organisations with great diversity and inclusion schemes?
  12. Anyone need help with Intellectual Property Rights or Contract Law? Any victims of copyright infringement here? Let's connect the dots
  13. Available for 3D/CG & Art Direction remote work opportunities. @danielmedina3d
  14. Anyone know of good video recording companies/freelance videographers in London?
  15. Any graphic designers out there with experience in property branding? I'm working on a DD role.
  16. Anyone know of a space in London that would benefit from a vibrant and 'squiggly' mural (for free)?
  17. Any Graphic Designers with experience working on both digital and motion graphic designs who is interested in working in a fin-tec start up?
  18. Any Graphic Designers with motion graphic and digital experience looking to join a fin-tech start up?
  19. Any Graphic Designers with motion graphic and digital experience looking to join a fin-tech start up?
  20. Any photography studios hiring? London based :)
  21. Any stylists / make up artists / art directors out there want to work together on test shoots? -
  22. Any Tips for wanting to work / do an intersnship abroad? (in the textiles industry as a recent graduate)
  23. Anyone need a website? I've been building websites for five years and would be happy to help. Feel free to contact me
  24. Anyone know of any directors that list creative directors or casting directors?