1. Are you an aspiring writer who is interested in telling a story in less than 100 words?
  2. Any Frontend Devs using The Dots in Germany?
  3. Anyone know how I can establish a career in design & art. I've experienced different sectors, but now I want to focus on my creativity
  4. Anyone interested in learning more about a new plastic-free start up household brand? Join the newsletter:
  5. Available for any Freelance Illustration projects! Also seeking new job opportunities in a creative sector!
  6. Any videographers or production agencies want to work with Adobe? Drop me a line if you're interested!
  7. Any advice, links, events that can help an artists build their brand/market their work?
  8. Any trustworthy styling assistants out there who want to assist on a shoot on December 11th?
  9. Any graphic designers available for some in-house work on Monday and Tuesday in Shoreditch? Rate offered is £200/hour! Msg me!
  10. Are there any app developers or entrepreneurs specialising in tech that are able to meet up and discuss a potential startup development?
  11. Anyone looking for a writer/editor/sub-editor/content creator/ for their website/platform?
  12. Any studio in London that is looking for a part-time intern? I’m a graphic design student looking for opportunities to grow my portfolio.
  13. Any stylists available for an outdoor shooting in Richmond this Wednesday 11?
  14. Available for 3D/CG & Art Direction remote work opportunities. @diogosetgo
  15. Any one in East London looking for a studio? I have space in my studio in Hackney Downs Studios. Would cost £115 a month! Give me a shout!
  16. Anyone looking for fine art printing? I Print/Mount Photos, Illustrations, Lim. Editions, Portfolios. A0 to A5 sizes. Hahnemühle, Canson...
  17. Anyone looking for fine art printing? I Print/Mount Photos, Illustrations, Limited Editions, Physical Portfolios. A0 to A5 sizes.
  18. Anyone in the film/creative industries? Let's connect. Hopefully, in the future, we can all work together on something cool.
  19. Anyone know a good co-working space that will help inspire creativity in London?
  20. Any recommendations on UX/UI courses in London?
  21. Any photography internships? (Preferably paid)
  22. Any photographers in the Midlands area? Looking to gain more modeling experience for my portfolio. Latest shoot on my profile.
  23. Anyone know a great accountant that understands the creative industries and Ltd. companies?
  24. Any Junior Graphic Designer positions open? Bedfordshire/London based or surrounding areas