1. Anyone with good UI/UX skills and willing to collaborate for Web development?
  2. Anyone know any freelance sales advisors/ consultants ?
  3. Anyone looking for Junior Designer with Russian language?
  4. Advice on next steps for a product developer with a conscious.
  5. anyone interested in sustainable design?
  6. Any tip for a marketing agency specialised in social media strategy and management in London?
  7. Any reccomends for a small photography studio spaces in London with lighting gear? Looking to build a relationship for ongoing work
  8. Anyone need an e-commerce assistant or a creative digital illustrator to help them with their company?
  9. Anyone interested in mentoring new graduates entering the design/tech world?
  10. Are there any videographers interested in joining forces to produce series of short documentaries on UK start ups?
  11. Any fashion stylists free this weekend for a test?
  12. Any great freelance creative producers with experience developing and producing YouTube series?
  13. Any freelance project manager / producers who have experience in managing interactive installations and events oversees?
  14. Any one in East London looking for a studio? I have space in my studio in Hackney Downs Studios. Would cost £115 a month! Give me a shout!
  15. Anyone from Dominican descent based in the UK on this platform? Im looking to do a shoot
  16. Available from February - Currently seeking roles in Motion Graphics and UI / Prototype Animations. - Ideally working in a Creative Team!
  17. Anyone aware of any companies interested in facilitated podcast production? I've got some great workshop packages ready to roll this year.
  18. Arts Marketing Association is looking for freelancers working to engage audiences in arts, culture & heritage to share their experiences.
  19. Any creative jobs that sponsor internationals? Link to my portfolio below :)
  20. Anyone out there use poetry for inspiration? I'm starting a regular webinar to read/write poems that help us create better. eMail for deets
  21. Anyone know of or us a Festival Manager in London? Looking to connect with a Festival in East Africa.
  22. Are there any good live art/figure drawing classes in London? Feel i need to sharpen up some skills
  23. Anyone on here looking for roles outside London?
  24. Anyone looking for a studio space in Central London? Get in touch for more detailsX