1. Anyone know where I can get some experience in journalism/content writing in Manchester?
  2. Anybody has a space / studio I could shoot in for an editorial this weekend? (limited budget available)
  3. an art director for a short film directed by Stefan Georgiou. Shooting 27th & 28th Jan
  4. Any advice on finding collaborators on here? My biggest thing is making sure I'm not coming off as annoying or pushy.
  5. Anyone looking for assistance with a script they're writing?
  6. Anyone in Travel & Hospitality role interested in giving a 10 minute talk about their journey/experience to college students?
  7. Anyone work in performing arts/music role interested in giving a 10 minute talk about their journey/experience to college students?
  8. Anyone up for a quick fashion shoot in Melbourne - one outfit that will be shown at the RawAssembly exhibition in Sydney in May 2020
  9. Any Stylist, MUA and Hair Stylist available to collaborate in London from February 6th to 10th for several shootings with agency models ?
  10. Any London based great black MUAHs out there free on Sunday for a test shoot?
  11. Any start ups/small brands looking for content creation? Website/social media/film/photography, message me!
  12. Anyone specialise in ethical fashion design making?
  13. Any brand strategy/ copywriters based in and around Leeds?
  14. Anyone know any paid placements/internships in film based in London?
  15. Any photographers&stylists out here thinking of going to NYC for September Fashion Week? Always wanted to go but never wanted by myself
  16. Available to choreograph/movement direct music videos, films, short films, dance projects. Film directors and musicians message me!!
  17. Any amazing graphic designers up for working on a biannual dog magazine? Freelance, flexible, full of very good dogs!
  18. Asking this wonderful community for an honest opinion on our portfolio. Finding it hard to connect with stylists/mags. Many thanks.
  19. Anyone know a company that takes on interns for digital marketing?
  20. Any Creatives fancy ripping my reel apart? Would love to know what you think? What makes you pick directors for your scripts?
  21. Any opportunities for an undergraduate film student to build up their portfolio and experience?
  22. Any advice for balancing hired projects with personal projects?
  23. As a photographer how I can approach to magazines like WRPD,Document, etc for print/online editorials and get a pull letter?
  24. Anyone know of any jobs for photography students in the westmidlands?