1. Anyong know an email marketing / automation strategy whiz? Would love to chat about adding them into our current client projects.
  2. Any Fashion Stylists or Creative Directors looking for an assistant? I just completed my course and looking to gain more industry experience
  3. Anyone know a photographer in Birmingham ?
  4. Anyone here looking for a collaborator photographer/filmmaker for their projects? I'd love to help out!
  5. Any creatives here who work remotely?
  6. Are there any UK/EU graduate design jobs/internships that sponsor international students? Feel free to check out my profile and website.
  7. Are you a great copywriter with massive hunger, passion for advertising. If so and are looking to work in a team ? Contact me
  8. Attention Producers: What are some of your thoughts and experiences of off-site vs on-site creative work? Trust is a big factor. Thoughts?
  9. Any good Photography Studios for Personal projects in London?
  10. Anyone know a good photography course in London? Thanks!
  11. Anyone know a creative web developer who can hack squarespace templates?! ; ) Journal website needs a summer refresh!
  12. A.I. Collaboration & Strategic partnership in Marketing & Advertising.
  13. As a creative professional, do you have any creative hobbies that you practise in your spare time? How do these influence your profession?
  14. Anyone have any great print projects they're working on? Would love to see!
  15. Any Creative Directors looking for a Personal Assistant?
  16. Anyone in need of a social media consultant? You can chat me up!
  17. Anyone offering a visa sponsored position as a graphic designer? A really talented friend of mine is looking for a job in London! Hit me up
  18. Anyone know a Scottish designer and a Scottish art worker working in London? It's for an exciting social/experiential project. Freelance
  19. Anyone was worked with a sponsorship visa in the U.S.? Thank you
  20. Any UK or EU visa sponsored jobs/companies I can look into?
  21. Anyone know a fantastic costume designer in the London/ greater London area?
  22. Available for: Production, Executive/Virtual Assistant or Shoot Management Jobs
  23. Art printing studio/company and printing techniques?
  24. Anyone knows of a nice creative space to host a branding workshop for free in London?