1. any advice on the best way to see LFW shows?
  2. Any US based creatives out here? ( NYC/ East coast based especially but everywhere is also cool) Looking to connect and ask a few Qs!
  3. Are there any 3D designers out there? Looking to collab for a 3D watch strap with GSHOCK
  4. Any suggestions on publishers looking for short documentaries to produce? Thanks.
  5. Available for more web development work from early April - Design studios, Art directors etc, please feel free to get in touch.
  6. Anyone know somewhere to get a small batch of t-shirts printed/ embroidered? Need a fast turn around too if possible :)
  7. Any artists, set designers, fashionistas, musicians and creatives interested in getting FREE pop up space in Shoreditch on the 29th Feb?
  8. Anyone down to collaborate on a bridal studio shoot on the 27th? Looking for HMUA, stylist and models.
  9. Anyone knows of a good application to send the same DM to all the new instagram followers?
  10. Anyone got experience in applying for funding through the Arts Council for an Arts project? Looking to get funding to reduce Islamophobia
  11. Any Set Designers / Production Managers looking for assistance short-term or long-term?
  12. Are there any graffiti artists on here!
  13. Any shoot producers or art directors want to meet up for a coffee on me?:)
  14. Any street style photographer available to shoot in London this weekend? Blogger style images of myself #photographer
  15. Any emergent designers based in London? It would be cool to collaborate for a music video we are making. Thank you!!
  16. Any small brands, photgraphers, models, stylists or videographers wanting to collab in London??
  17. Anyone seeking marketing, digital, social or brand strategy. Looking to over-deliver on pro bono work to develop case studies HMU
  18. Any advice when a potential dream client runs super hot, then goes cold and silent? Do I keep emailing or is this annoying & desperate?
  19. Anybody need some graphic work done?
  20. Anyone love spoken word? Come along to our queer spoken word evening tomorrow!
  21. Anyone know a good UK based silk scarf manufacturer?
  22. Anyone interested in collaborating? Photographer looking to shoot more portraits, interiors + lifestyle site
  23. Anyone up in the north west have anything interesting coming up soon they need help with ??
  24. a project where i remediated the classic T Dream lp Rubicon into a set of rules and built a new work — has anyone else done similar?