1. Are you looking for decorative ceramics for Interior projects?
  2. Are you thinking of going self-employed? Here is a list I've curated of top 11 things to know about self-employment:
  3. Any videographers available to get involved in filming a music video? Creative idea welcome! DM for more details.
  4. Any creative front-end developers available for a project next week?
  5. Anyone know of any brand focused advertising agencies, magazines or travel sector businesses looking to hire Events / PR roles? Thank you!
  6. Anyone know founders/startups (10-50 team, early investment) that are interested in getting their message out and having their story heard?
  7. Any junior photographers available this week for a personal shoot? Thank you
  8. Anyone need help processing and/or scanning film in London?
  9. Anyone know of a illustration and graphics website to find an internship?
  10. Anyone knows of any one needing Logos?
  11. Any photographers in Manchester area?
  12. Any creatives/models/artists etc, from Manchester, UK here? Looking for a creative community with whom I could possibly collaborate with
  13. Any tick tock/igtv creatives or enthusiasts available to shoot a mini fashion video on Sunday? X
  14. Anybody know any good sites to meet other poets, artists, and creatives?
  15. Are you looking for a free invoice template for your freelance work? Sign up to my blog's newsletter here:
  16. Anyone know of any great creative mentorship schemes/talks coming up within film? Would love to contribute to something like this.
  17. anyone know any good barbers in London?
  18. Any photographer/videographer in Barcelona ?
  19. Are you looking to breakthrough in the freelancing industry? Here are my top 9 tips of how to become a freelancer:
  20. Anyone here using Flickr?
  21. Any videographers in London available for 1 day of filming, 1 day of editing in early March. Filming 4 influencers' "origin" stories
  22. any advice on the best way to see LFW shows?
  23. Any US based creatives out here? ( NYC/ East coast based especially but everywhere is also cool) Looking to connect and ask a few Qs!
  24. Are there any 3D designers out there? Looking to collab for a 3D watch strap with GSHOCK